Saturday, August 21, 2004

Abortion - For those Really Interested In Fairness......

Abortion is a reality in our Society. So lets talk about it.

For the first nine months of its existence, the baby is the sole property of the woman carrying it - she and she alone has the power to let it survive or to terminate its existence. The father has no say.

However, once the child is born, even if it is born against the wishes of the father, the father is then garnished and held financial liable for the next 18 years to support a child he never wanted. In other words, women have all the rights and men have only as many rights as women want them to have.

Well, maybe women should not have it both ways - either they should own the life within them before and after birth, or they should share ownership before and after birth. If the man has no say during pregnancy then perhaps he should have no responsibility after birth.

So, in the spirit if fairness, I'd like to offer the following suggestion.

I propose that every man who gets a woman he is not married to pregnant, and who wants her to abort the baby, should be able to serve her with legal papers stating his wishes and withdrawing from any future parental obligations including financial support if she has the baby. If the mother chooses to have the baby, the father is absolved of any future liability.

This, I believe, would result in two positive changes for society: One, it would help even the playing field with respect to reproductive responsibility; and two, fewer fatherless children would be born.

You may be asking yourself, does this guy really believe that this would work? Well, in all honesty, I don't. We all know that such legal options will never be afforded to men. And maybe that's for the best. (Although I'm sure the lawyers are salivating at the thought.) My purpose was to make you think.

Abortion is a serious business. Cutting men out of the decision making process makes them little more than impersonal sperm donators. Is it any wonder then, that some of them behave as such?


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