Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Advice for Perdita - Turn the Crash into Cash

Canadians were stunned when Perdita Felicien fell over the first hurdle in the final Olympic 100 meter women's hurdles event. After all, she was expected to come away with the gold. And with her fall went her dream of winning a gold medal and her chance of getting multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Or, maybe not. I think, if she plays her cards right, she could turn that crash into cold hard cash.

Here’s the plan.

Perdita must immediately approach ‘Johnston and Johnston’ and pitch the following concept for a ‘Band-Aid Brand” © endorsement contract.

Picture this.

Perdita is huddled in the blocks. Sweat drips from her brow and runs sensuously down her hard body across her chiseled abs and down her powerful thighs. She is a goddess. Her beautiful face frozen in a look of sheer determination. The gun goes off and she explodes from the blocks, her long legs gliding effortlessly as pulls out in front. She approaches the first hurdle, leaps gracefully like a beautiful gazelle and.............. falls flat on her face. The other runners flash past. She gets slowly to her feet, her face reflecting the agony of her disappointment. With a painful expression she looks down. The camera pans down to her knee which is cut and bleeding. Suddenly, her mother appears and carefully puts a band-aid brand adhesive strip on the boo-boo. her mother looks up at Perdita and smiles. The camera pans up to show Perdita looking down at her mother. "Thanks mom" she says, her eyes glistening with affection. Perdita smiles. Voiceover: “Band-Aid Brand’ - you'll feel better the moment you put it on”. Fade to Black.

In case that doesn't fly, here are some other endorsement possibilities:

ADIDAS - slogan: “Adidas, we will never let you down."

TRIMARK - slogan: "Just because Perdita fell doesn’t mean the value of your Portfolio has to – trust Trimark to lower the hurdles.”

TURTLES - "Ooooo, I love hurdles."

Seriously though, this was a a truly unfortunate turn of events, undeserved by such a fine lady. And she handled her setback well, with dignity and grace. No excuses. Through her words and actions, Perdita has set an example for us all.

Perdita, may your feet have wings. See you in four years on the centre podium.


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