Saturday, August 21, 2004

Government is Your Bestest Buddy

Over the past three decades, as government has stepped in to do for us what we used to do for ourselves, we have seen an increase in homelessness, fatherless families, institutional elderly abuse, and a chronic shortage of doctors and medical care. As I understand it, 25% of Canadians have no family doctor.

Trudeau started it all. Mulroney and Chretien continued it. They saw that we were eager to get handouts and they exploited our base instincts to their political advantage. Never say no and more people will vote for you. Disguise selfish political ambition as benevolence and the public will eat it up. They learned this lesson well.

Well, government is not benevolent and to trust it to take care of us is folly. It is driven by self-interst and the overriding obsession of being re-elected. It takes from us and uses the money to perpetuate its own existence. Any benefit to society is a byproduct, not a purpose.

Politicians are often arrogant and self-interested and live in a world totally detached from that of regular Canadians. When we depend on them we will always be disappointed, because we are not their greatest priority. They themselves are. And in our disappointment and disenchantment, our self confidence will shrink even further and we will give them more and more responsibility to do for us what we no longer can do for ourselves.

It is an insidious pattern of decline that appears to have no end.

Next stop - Nanny Government will bestow upon us a glorious new gift - a National Childcare Program to save all us poor helpless parents from the hideous burden of actually having to take care of and provide for our own offspring.


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