Sunday, June 26, 2005

Boy Scouts Bad, Girl Scouts Good

It’s a girl's world. Boys are toast. I wouldn’t want to be a boy growing up today for anything. The deck is stacked against them. It used to be that boys could be boys. They fought and wrestled. Some bullied. Some were bullied. Some triumphed over bullies. All persevered. After all, they were boys. They had boundless energy and endless bruises, scrapes and abrasions. They were boys and the world was there's.

These days, boys can be kicked out of school for pointing a banana at a buddy and shouting ‘bang, bang’. In North Carolina, a first grade boy was expelled for kissing a girl classmate on the cheek. The school referred to his behavior as ‘sexual harassment’. (I bet the outcome would have been different if he’d kissed a boy. He’d likely have been given a commendation for such enlightened behavior.) In any event, I bet we’ll see the same scenario unfold here in Canada soon. It is inevitable. Boys who behave like boys are bad. Boys who behave like girls are good.

Take, for example, the unfortunate, hyperactive boys who are routinely drugged into a vegetative state of docile capitulation by their drug-company influenced doctors and oh-so-busy parents. You never hear of this with girls. Lets face it, these days, being a normal, exuberant boy is almost a crime. Or, at least, a terrible inconvenience for their parents.

Right now, as I sit here, I am so happy to have two daughters and no sons. After all, the era of males has passed. It was a respectful run, but all things must come to an end. The majority of university students studying law and medicine these days are females. Girls are doing better in school than boys and entering the workforce in record numbers. Males are portrayed in many TV commercials as sniveling, bumbling weaklings, trying to cook supper and clean the house. While women are strong and decisive with meaningful careers. Check it out the next time you’re watching the boob tube.

OK, I’m raving. I’m chewing on this like a pit-bull on a Chihuahua. Why? Simple. Today I found out something that has turned my world upside down. Something that chilled me to the bone. Something so monumental and historically significant in the area of equal rights that it makes everything else pale in comparison.

Today I found out that girls can join Cubs and Scouts but boys are not allowed to join Brownies or Guides.

And let me tell you. It made my Y chromosomes run cold. Surely the end of the world is near. The end of a world where males have any chance at all of not being trodden under by the unstoppable surge of female dominance. Give up boys. Your subservience is inevitable.

Apparently, the battle of the sexes is no longer about females fighting for equality. It is now about males sharing everything and females sharing nothing.

I always thought it quite reasonable for boys and girls to have their own little groups and organizations to the exclusion of the other. The Canadian Brownie/Guide website agrees and shares the following bit of wisdom with us:

“Guiding provides an accepting and nurturing all-girl atmosphere where a girl can be herself.”

Cool. Seems sensible to me.

Still, I can’t help but wonder, if girls need an all-girl atmosphere to be themselves, who are they when they join Boy Scouts? Do they then become someone other than themselves? Surely not. So, if girls can be themselves around boys in Scouts, why can’t they be themselves around boys in Guides? And, most importantly, if they need to have their own organizations, why would they object to letting boys have their own organizations too?

And here’s another quote, this one from the British Girl Guide website:

“Girlguiding believes that the needs of girls and young women are best met through an organization catering specifically for girls.”

Again, I think this is totally sensible.

Too bad the same thinking does not appear to apply to boys. It seems that the needs of boys are not best met through an organization catering specifically for boys. Rather, the needs of boys appear to be best met through being forced to share their little groups with girls, whether they like it or not.

And it doesn’t stop there. I also discovered that, while not only are boys excluded from brownies and guides and girls allowed to join cubs and scouts, there are also ‘Girl Scout’ troupes. And, of course, they also exclude boys from membership. So, while ‘Boy Scouts’ are a sexist anachronism, ‘Girl Scouts’ are perfectly acceptable.

Personally, I think that this is feminism gone mad. What’s wrong with little boys having an association just for them, where they can learn stuff and play with each other away from the icky girls? Who’s rights are threatened by allowing them to have such groups? More notably, what angry, misguided person actually launched a lawsuit to force boy scouts to let girls in? Heck, I’d hate to be a braincell in their head. It would be awful lonely.

Oh well, c’est la vie. There are probably no girls who really want to be cubs anyway. Just as there are no boys chomping at the bit to be brownies. The sad thing is that these innocent children are pawns in a much bigger game. A game instigated by parental social activists where phony rights that children never wanted or needed in the first place are foisted upon them. Rights that apparently apply to one gender only.

As I mentioned, I have two girls. They are my world. One is a Guide. The other will be a Brownie in a few years. I want to live in a society where they have the same rights as boys and the same opportunities to be whatever their capabilities allow them to be. They may make nothing of the fact that they are allowed in boy’s groups while boys are not allowed in theirs. Or, they may notice and actually like it.

I hope they don’t learn to like having more rights too much. After all, that would make them no better that the males their mothers and grandmothers fought to be equal with.


Blogger RightGirl said...

"Apparently, the battle of the sexes is no longer about females fighting for equality. It is now about males sharing everything and females sharing nothing."

It prepares boys for marriage!


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