Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Enemy Within

Our western democracies are under attack by individuals who hate our way of life and seek to destroy everything we stand for. They loathe our traditions. They detest America and Israel. They despise white skinned Christians. They hate capitalism. They want to replace our values with theirs.

I bet you think I’m referring to radical Islamic terrorists. Sadly, I’m not. I’m referring to the plethora of left-wing politicians, artists, media outlets and interest groups that dominate our social and political landscape. They are the enemy that we should really fear in our war on terror, because they are the ones who seek to destroy our will to resist the terrorists. Consider how they have behaved thus far:

1. In September 2001, radical Islamic terrorists killed 3000 Americans in the WTC attacks. Since then, the left has blamed America, rather than those who perpetrated the acts. As I understand it, they are currently arranging for the WTC Memorial to be mainly a museum showing controversial images of 9/11 and ‘discussing America’s role in the world’. (this is code for: ‘discussing America’s evil imperialist activities’.) What should be a simple, respectful memorial to the dead is in danger of becoming a socialist indoctrination centre, portraying America in a less than complementary light and instilling feelings of guilt and self loathing in all weak minded people who visit.

2. In July 2005, radical Islamic terrorists killed over 50 people and maimed hundreds more in four suicide attacks in London. Within days the media started carrying stories of frightened Western Muslims who feared reprisals. As a result, Western non Muslims became the intolerant villains, all Muslims became the victims, and the dead became incidental participants in the Muslim’s victimhood. If their objective of the left is to make the more insecure among us lose respect for each other and our society, they are surely on the right track.

3. Anytime America, Israel or one of their allies strike back against terrorism, leftists always moan about how retaliation is counter productive and mean spirited. Inexplicably, when we are attacked, they sadly shake their heads and note how the terrorists are merely striking back in retaliation for the misery their people have suffered at the hands of American imperialist foreign policy. Their blatant hypocrisy may seem obvious to many of us, but, rest assured, some westerners will listen and buy into it. As a result, their resolve will be weakened, and with it, that of their entire nation.

4. And where are the many left-wing feminist groups? When there are terrorist attacks you would expect feminists to rally around their flag to defend the culture that gave them the freedom be the majority in our medical schools and university law programs. You would expect them to denounce societies where raped women are stoned and daughters who dare choose their own mates are killed by their fathers. But they do not. Rather, they are either silent or vocally opposed to any and all measures taken to protect ourselves; thus implicitly promoting angst and doubt among their supporters and fellow citizens.

In order to wage war effectively, an antagonist must be familiar with several important military strategies and utilize them effectively. For example an antagonist should seek to destroy the enemy’s morale and morals and spread confusion among them. Clearly, the left is becoming very good at this. They incessantly rail against traditional Western values and morals. They continually cast the West as the villains and the terrorists as the victims. Their goal is to confuse us so we will question our moral right to defend ourselves.

An antagonist must also try to control media outlets and public information sources. Ask yourself this, what message do you commonly see on the CBC, in the Toronto Star and New York Times? Is not America commonly cast as a heartless, capitalist, imperialist, juggernaut and Britain as its likewise cruel accomplice? Are Muslim nations not portrayed as the unfortunate victims, prevented from controlling their own destinies by the greedy, oil hungry, capitalist West? Just ask Michael Moore, he’ll tell you.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them that all nations of the world where Muslims control the government are non-democratic, oppressive regimes where the people, especially women, suffer under Islamic law, while the rich princes, despots and elite live in luxury. It doesn’t seem to matter that millions of moderate Muslims have fled their homelands to enjoy the freedom and opportunity of Western democracies. In the eyes of leftists and much of the Western media, capitalist North Americans and Europeans are always at fault. They hammer this message daily. And, sadly, some of us buy into it.

If there is one thing we can take from these unfortunate developments, it is this: We are facing a radical Islamic enemy of tremendous resolve and conviction. If we cannot summon the same resolve and conviction in defending our way of life from their attacks – if we continue to gaze at our navels and question our very right to exist – we will lose this war. We will not deserve to win. And the terrorists, with the help of their Western left-wing apologists, will win. We must not let them.