Saturday, October 15, 2005

Frooosh Goes The Magic Dust

Centuries ago, all scientists believed the earth was flat and that all heavenly bodies, including the sun, revolved around it. Oh, those whacky scientists.

Tell me, do you believe in reincarnation? I didn’t used to, but now I’m not so sure. After all, look at today’s batch of scientists. Don’t they remind you of the flat earth bunch of 500 years ago? Take their explanation of how human life came to be. Almost all, without exception, believe in evolution. Excuse me, I mean the “theory” of evolution. It is a “theory” after all and not a scientific law like the law of gravity or something.

The sun rotates around the earth. Einstein’s ancestors were plankton. Riiiiight. Good to see that scientists have remained consistent in their absurdities throughout the years. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Millions of years ago, or so the “theory” goes, a sun somewhere went supernova. The gasses and particles exuded from this explosion floated around for awhile, mixed, mingled and eventually, from this concoction, life emerged. Don’t worry that this part of the “theory” violates two fundamental scientific principles - the law of thermodynamics, which states that complex molecules cannot assemble spontaneously; and the law of biogenesis, which holds that life cannot emerge from non-living matter. These pesky details are not important. Just have faith in the professional guessers in white lab coats. After all, they’re smarter than you could ever be. If Copernicus were here, he’d tell you - the scientific community is always right.

And don’t even bother asking where the sun that started this momentous chain of events came from. It just existed. That’s all you need to know. Apparently there were suns and stuff out there forever and ever. There was no beginning. Kinda like eternity as mentioned in the bible.

Lets review. So far, we have this so called scientific “theory”, which apparently violates two scientific “laws”. Hmmmm, looks like we better change the laws eh. After all, the alternative would be to question the “theory” of evolution. And we all know what that would lead to – questions about creationism, God and stuff. And that subject matter is just too creepy for a good secular society to contemplate discussing.

So, as we are taught in school, it all started with a big bang. (I wonder: If a sun explodes in the cosmos and there’s no one there to hear it, does it really make a bang? Maybe it’s more like a “Kraaaack” or maybe a “Frooooosh”. I hope not. “The big Froooosh” doesn’t sound nearly as compelling as the “Big Bang”.)

In any event, the explosion and all that dust and stuff was just the beginning, What about what came after? That, of course, is the other big sloppy part of this so called “theory” – that all life on earth evolved from the microscopic life forms spawned from that magic dust. Never mind that there is no fossil evidence of transitional forms of life between single-celled organisms and complex invertebrates. Never mind that there is no evidence of transition between invertebrates and fish, or between any species of fish for that matter. Most tellingly, there is no real fossil evidence showing the so called "descent of man". In fact, there is such a dearth of evidence that you could actually take all the human-like skeletal imprints and structures that scientists use in support of the “theory” of evolution, and fit them all inside an average SUV.

It would appear that with evolutionism, we have to take a lot on faith. It’s a lot like a religion, really, with one big difference. Most religions require a belief in some sort of higher power(s), intelligent design or immortal soul. Evolutionists, however, have disgarded the idea of intelligent design, choosing instead to believe, on faith, that the emergence of life was just a marvelous spontaneous accident. You, me and Peter Pan are just cosmic anomalies created from magic dust. Here for a short time and then gone. Purposeless, souless, and futureless.

Honestly now, is it any wonder that popular culture today is so focused on sex, instant gratification, materialism and superficiality? After all, if this is the only turn you’ll ever have at the buffet table and no one is watching you or judging you, you’d be silly not to feed your face good. And fill your pockets too.

Whatever the case, it should be plain to everyone that scientists have latched onto this “theory” of evolution as a means to explain what is unexplainable. It’s a convenient crutch for them to lean on when challenged. A curtain behind which they can hide their ignorance and nurse their fragile egos when asked questions to which they do not have the answers. I suppose some would say they are just like priests. When challenged, they default to the standard platitudes: “Well, it’s a mystery”; or my personal favorite: “You just have to have faith, my child”.

And we do have faith, don’t we. We do believe. Some believe in God, some believe in science. However, whichever way you lean, you have to believe in the one common element that ties evolutionism and religion together – the belief in eternity.

Of course, the idea of eternity is originally a religious one and isn’t scientific at all. It’s a belief based on faith, not empirical evidence. And guess what? Faith is also a religious concept. Imagine that - scientists using religious concepts to convince people to believe in their “theory” of evolution. Now that’s ironic. Oh well, we could hardly expect people who believe that all things come from something else to have an original idea, now could we?


Blogger canukistan said...

Dude, gravity isn't a law either, it's just a theory. Just like evolution. Haven't you heard of the alternative theory to secular gravity? It's called "Intelligent Sucking".

1:12 PM  
Blogger Orly said...

Yes.. Evolution is just a theory. Just the best theory we have at this point given the pieces of the puzzle we've been given.

Funny how you compare evolution to religion when evolution is a conclusion based on the facts available and is subject to change should more information be discovered that could improve upon the theory or replace it with something else. That is what makes it SCIENCE, while religion is the belief in scripture that is set in stone in SPITE of any contradicting evidence that may be discovered thousands of years after the ideas it proposes were first put forward... and that is the definition of faith. As for the flat earth people you're comparing modern scientists to... well, those medieval "scientists" were unable to actually put forward any ideas that the church considered heresy (eg. the earth being round.)

4:20 PM  

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