Monday, October 31, 2005

The Truth About Kashechewan

Things are looking mighty grim on the Kashechewan reserve on James Bay. I’ve seen pictures in the media of their streets and even the inside of their homes. The issue of clean water aside, garbage, trash and filth are everywhere in their environment. Their back yards resemble a war zone. One resident’s basement looked like an alley in Bangladesh. Or at least what I would imagine an alley in Bangladesh to look like. Litter and garbage littered the floor. Empty bottles, food wrapping and containers were everywhere.

And I asked myself, how can people live like this? Why would anyone allow the streets of their community, let alone the inside of their own homes, to deterriorate to such a horrific extent. What kind of people would live amongst trash and filth here in civilized Canada without cleaning it up and why would they have such little respect for themselves and their environment?

Is this a natural cultural phenomenon? Certainly not. To believe such a thing would be to believe that these people are somehow genetically inferior. So, if this disorder is not cultural, it must be due to their social condition. And what is their social condition? Easy. Their social condition is one of complete and total government dependency.

Therefore, the equation is evident. Total and complete government dependency equals total and complete social failure.

The people of Kashechewan are not an anomaly in Canadian culture. Rather, they exemplify the normal social outcome that people can expect when they give up their god given right to personal autonomy and allow government to take total control of their destiny. Look at any welfare housing complex anywhere. You’ll find similar evidence of squalor and failure.

The fate of the poor, unfortunate people of Kashechewan should be a warning to us all.

People who allow the almighty, omnipotent state to provide for them can expect to eventually be abandoned by the very state they depend upon. It is inevitable.

After all, the state doesn't even know your name. Neither does it know your children's name or your parent’s. It only cares about itself and its own perpetuation. It will support you only as long as it benefits itself. And, when you are totally and completely dependent and it somehow determines that it can abandon you with impunity, it will. After all, you are only as important to it as the outcome of the next election.

The lesson is thus: depend on government at your own peril. Unfortunately, the people of Kashechewan and every other native reserve and government welfare housing development should have already learned this lesson by now. But they have not. Their willing dependence on government continues and is supported and promoted in many media sources. In fact, anyone who speaks out against government dependency with the aim of reducing such dependency is often painted in the media as intolerant, insensitive and even racist.



Blogger Kateland, aka TZH said...

I was struck by much the same on viewing pictures of the reserve but what gave me the creeps more than anything else was the concentration camp quality of the homes. Gulag all over again.

2:43 PM  

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