Friday, December 16, 2005

Walking Along Life’s Road, Listening to Government.

“Hey, we can do that. No problem. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Yep. Definitely.

Whatever you need. Just ask. I identify with your concerns. I get it. You can count on me.

You got it. It’s done. I won’t let you down. I’ll be there for you. You can depend on me.

I understand. That is a legitimate concern. That is a priority of mine.

That load looks heavy. Here, let me carry a bit of it. There, isn’t that better.

I told you that we are here for you. We walk together. You are not the boss of me and I am not the boss of you. We are equals.

Oh, heavens. You look tired. Here, let me take a bit more of that load off your back.

Yes. You look better already, with only half the terrible load that you did before. Oh, think nothing of it. It’s my pleasure. Really.

Without a doubt we are partners. Share and share alike. Equal burdens for each of us.

My goodness. You look terrible. Fatigued. Under the weather. That load must be unbearable. Here, let me take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Ugh. Oooo. That’s heavy. Look at you, with virtually nothing to bear. And look at me. My back is breaking. And yet, I welcome the burden. You deserve a lighter load. It is your right. Why should you bend under such weight when you can let me carry it?

Here we are. On this journey together. Remember when your grandfather carried the entire load himself? Thank god we have advanced and are more enlightened today. You should feel no shame for letting me carry your load. It’s a privilege to help you out.

You look exhausted. Why do you look so laboured? Oh, yes. That small pack you are carrying. It does look heavy. Here, I already have a heavy load, a bit more won’t make a difference at all.

There now. Isn’t that a lot better. You have nothing to carry and I have it all. It’s a tough go, but I told you that I will always be there for you.

Goodness gracious, you can hardy even walk. You must be exhausted. Here, let me support you. Don't worry. Happy to do it. I don’t mind carrying you at all.

I’m getting very tired. Aren’t you glad that I am carrying you. You have no idea how heavy this is. You and all that you own. It's a terrible burden.

I’ve been thinking. You should compensate me for taking care of you and your heavy load. No. No. Don’t take any of it back. I’m happy to carry it all. But wouldn’t you feel better if you gave me a little something for helping you out?

I don’t want much. How about your children? Kids are such a bother anyway. I could take them off your hands and care for them. You could pursue more meaningful, satisfying things. Like making money. Don’t you trust me? I do so much for you already. Only a true friend would sacrifice so much for you. Surely, I would teach your children right from wrong and give them my values. And my values are your values. It’ll work out just fine.

Great. Don’t you feel better?

Only thing is, now I carry you and your children. You can't even carry yourself.

That’s OK though. After all didn’t I ask for this load and didn’t you give it to me voluntarily?

It’s sad that you now have nothing. But don’t worry. I’ll always be here to care for you, nurture you and your kids and give you everything you need. Doing that for yourself would be such an inconvenience. And you have grown so accustomed to your dependence.

Your welcome. No, honest, I really mean it. Your welcome.

Hey, remember when I said that I was not the boss of you and you were not the boss of me? Do you recall when I noted that we were equals?

Unfortunately, it would appear that a lot has changed since then. I carry everything and you carry nothing. How can you possibly suggest that we are equals? That is simply not fair. And don’t forget that I have your children.

Relax. There’s no problem. Just enjoy the freedom. Enjoy having no accountability for your own life. After all, I love you. Haven’t I freed you from the pesky responsibility and worry of caring for yourself and your loved ones? Certainly, you must love me too. I know you do.

It is as it should be. We know best. Do as we say and there will be no problems. We own you lock stock and barrel. Ask how high. Go on, ask. Good. I haven’t even asked you to jump. You are learning well. You are truly a good Canadian.”


Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Very well thought out. It's the way it happens -- so slowly that no one even noticed it at first- and now that some people are noticing, many others are only too happy to pass over their load and let someone else 'carry their burden' so to speak.
Thanks for email me with this.

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