Sunday, January 22, 2006


Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreign migrants come to Canada for a better life. They leave the countries their cultures turned into cesspools of filth and degradation and come here to enjoy the peaceful prosperous society built by the Anglo-Saxon, Christian culture. Once they arrive, however, many shun contact with other Canadians and stick together in their own little ethnic tribes within our cities. They live, socialize, play and even work only with people who look, act and think like themselves. It is the way things work here in cultimulcheral Canada.

Definition: ‘Cultimulcheralism’ – Cult-ee-mulch-er-all-ism – ‘values shared by a fanatical, ideological, left-wing ‘cult’ which seeks to convert Canada’s founding white Anglo Christian culture into a generic, mushy, meaningless ‘mulch’, while preserving and revering the uniqueness of any and all foreign cultures that come here’.

Now, I have no idea how this fanciful experiment in state-sponsored, cultimulcheral social engineering will turn out. With a few exceptions relating to the criminality and reproductive irresponsibility of certain tribes of people as well as others having unfortunate ties with terrorism, we seem to be doing alright so far. Things are relatively peaceful. People seem to get along. So far, so good. Maybe we’ll be OK in the long run. But, certainly, the odds are against us.

It is a self-evident truth that people of different cultures are usually unable to live peacefully together within the same borders for any length of time. Isn’t it bad enough that the French and English here in Canada still eye each other with suspicion after hundreds of years? Was it really wise to add millions upon millions of people from multiple other cultures to the mix as well, and then give them government grants for the express purpose of helping them preserve their own foreign cultures within Canada's borders while distancing themselves from traditional Canadian culture? Shouldn’t the goal be to integrate immigrants, not segregate them?

All we hear these days are spokespeople from one culture or another demanding concessions and money from the government to address the issues specific to their cultural community. We are no longer a cohesive nation. Rather we are a nation of a hundred cultural solitudes, each jockeying for a position where their culture can receive more government funding and have greater political and social influence. Political parties run ethnic candidates in ridings where large numbers of constituents are of the same culture as the candidate. They know that people will tend to vote for someone of their own color and culture. For Canada’s cultural minorities, it is considered perfectly natural. When white people do it, though, it’s racism.

Recently, in the papers, I read about a Chinese-Canadian running for election in Markham Ontario. He was soliciting votes in an Indian neighborhood. (See, even our neighborhoods are referred to in terms of the ethnic group that lives there.) Luckily for him he had spent many years in India. At one front door an Indian man looked at him skeptically. But when the Chinese-Canadian man spoke to him in Punjabi, the Indian man allegedly smiled and said “Your really are my brother. I have 12 votes in my family that I will deliver to you”. Wow. Speak the guy’s foreign language and ‘presto’, you’re his brother and he’ll vote for you. Pity the poor Anglo Canadian politician who tries to get a vote there. Maybe if we all learned Punjabi we could all be this man’s “brother”. I don’t know about you, but I’m enrolling in a PSL course tomorrow.

And that’s the cultimulcheral Canada that we are building folks. A nation where cultural minorities are encouraged to think of themselves as a foreign immigrant first and a Canadian second. A nation where immigrants expect Canada to adapt to them rather than vice versa.

Cast your eyes around the world and witness the fruits of cultural cohabitation. There’s Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland; Muslims and Buddhists in Thailand; Jews and Arabs in the middle east; blacks and whites in the USA; Serbs and Croatians in Yugoslavia; Hindus and Muslims in India; Christians and Muslims in Indonesia; Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka; Vietnamese and Cambodians in Cambodia; Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, race riots in Paris.….the list is endless.. Think about it - time and again, history has shown that whenever large numbers of people of different cultures and sensibilities live together, it seldom turns out well.

And yet, like drunk lemmings, Anglo Christian Canadians and their descendants scramble towards the cliff-edge of cultural extinction and gleefully fling themselves over. Hey, what difference does it make? It’s pretty well all over anyway. White Anglo Christian Canadians have far fewer babies than immigrants and many, many more abortions. In addition, Canada depends largely on immigrants to replace our dying elderly population. In fact we welcome around 250,000 migrants a year. The way things are going, it’s really just a matter of time before the culture and the people that created and nurtured this great nation becomes nothing more than an irrelevant, fringe, minority group. Oh well, at least as a minority, they’ll be eligible for government grants and Charter protection. At least I hope so.

The thing that really astounds me is the willingness, nay, inexplicable eagerness, with which Anglo Christian folk and their descendants have embraced the idea of no longer being the majority in their own nation. It is as though they want it to happen - some sort of masochistic white guilt or latent self-loathing that prevents them from being proud of their own culture. (In conversation, I’ve mentioned to some people I know that white Christians in Europe and North America have built the most comfortable, successful, free nations on earth. I’ve gotten back haughty, indignant retorts mentioning the Crusades or internment during WWII or slavery. Surely, white folk are the only people on earth who hate their own skin color.)

It’s puzzling. Anglo-Saxon Christian values have brought freedom, success and comfort to Canadians. Many foreign cultures, on the other hand, have brought nothing but pestilence, poverty and oppression. And yet, when plotting a course for the future, we refuse to give any deference to the familiar, successful, domestic Anglo Christian cultural model. Rather, we actually encourage newcomers to isolate themselves inside their own ethnic enclaves, ignore the founding culture and adhere to their foreign cultural practices and traditions.

Most rational, normal people in this world tend to want to protect their cultures. In fact, many have and would fight and die to protect them. Here in Canada, however, we white Anglo Christian Canadian folk don’t subscribe to such unenlightened barbarism. We meekly stand aside and barely raise a peep as the traditions and values that made our nation great are slowly marginalized and drowned in a tidal wave of Cultimulcheralism.

What culture in the world has ever participated so willingly in its own destruction? What culture has ever thrown open its borders with the implicit intent and inevitable outcome of reducing its own relevancy within its own borders? I’ve heard of cultural genocide, but cultural suicide? Surely, this must rank as one of the most momentous acts of selflessness and cultural sacrifice in the history of mankind.

A more fascinating study in cultural development (or destruction) you will never find. Anthropologists will have a field day a few centuries from now as they study this baffling deviation from human behavioral norms. The way I figure it, they will be asking each other one of two questions - either: How could these people be so foolish as to willingly give up their position as the majority in a nation they founded? Or: How did they know that this zany social experiment would be such a success? God, I hope it’s the latter.


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