Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harpies, Feminists and Moonbats

I’ve been thinking about trying to explain feminism to my 10 year old daughter. I figure she’s ready. I’m sure some people might think that a man has no business trying to explain a female concept like feminism to a female. And maybe there’s some merit in that argument. But I’m going to take my best shot anyway. After all, it’s important that my daughter at least has a chance to develop a balanced viewpoint about gender equality before today's radical feminists and leftwing moonbats in our schools, universities and media get a hold of her.

And if anyone is suited to convey a balanced opinion on feminism, it’s me. After all, just look at me. I’m an obsolete, anachronistic social dinosaur, just like feminism. I have passed my ‘best before date’, just like feminism. And I admire and respect women, just like feminism.

I’m going to tell my daughter that feminism was born because, years ago, women were considered less than equal to men. In fact it was less than one hundred years ago that women were first allowed to vote in Canada - in Western Canada, to be exact. (Yep. That’s right. Traditional, red-neck, gun-lovin’ conservative westerners were the first Canadians to give women the vote. Ironic, eh?) In addition, women had almost insurmountable obstacles placed in their way when they tried to enter professional and political occupations. Yesterday's feminists fought to break down these barriers. They were heroes.

Today, however, it is a totally different story. A goodly portion of our political representatives are women. The next president of the United States may very well be a woman, either Dr. Condoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton. (Go Condi! Imagine, a black conservative woman as President. You gotta love that!) It's the same with government ministers, professors, doctors, lawyers, judges and CEOs. The majority of university students are female. Most women work. Many are the bosses of men.

The feminist movement accomplished what it set out to do. And then, something truly unfortunate happened - it was co-opted by socialists. You must have noticed. These days, it's not uncommon to see hard core socialists, disguised as feminists, screaming in the media about some imaginary inequity or other. And most of these groups are tax funded. Many hate men & marriage. And all adhere to the same time-tested formula for stealing our tax dollars. What's the formula you ask. It goes something like this:

1. They scurry around, looking under any rock they can lift, hoping upon hope to find something they can paint as sexism.
2 Then, once a year or so, they pull their tax-funded heads out of their tax-funded behinds and scream “sexist” at the top of their lungs.
3 They release a report full of questionable data and skewed statistics showing how men continue to victimize women.
4. The CBC and other socialist media corporations gushingly rally behind them giving them lots of sympathetic coverage.
5. They send their press clippings to Ottawa along with an application for more grant money.
6 When the cheque arrives they slink back to their tax funded burrows and dream of the day when sperm can be manufactured artificially and all men are dead. At least, that's the impression they give.

Meanwhile back here on planet earth where normal people live, the rest of us just sigh and shrug. It’s almost worth paying out of pocket to get these harpies to shut up for awhile. They have degraded and tarnished the word “feminist” to such a degree that most women these days wouldn’t be caught dead using it to describe themselves.

Feminism used to be about equality. Now it’s about having and keeping the advantage. Like in child custody cases, where dads almost never get custody; and in incidents involving violent crime, where women perpetrators are almost always given lighter sentences than men and then incarcerated in much more comfortable surroundings.

Feminism used to be about busting down barriers. Now it’s about busting men’s balls. Like when they teach young women that "marriage is the chief vehicle for the perpetuation of the oppression of women" and any sexual encounter with a man is akin to allowing the man to rape them. (I'm not making this up, although in a rational world I would have to.)

Feminism used to be a movement that welcomed women of all political and social opinions. Now it’s a movement run and populated mostly by loony, hard-core, left-wing moonbats.

Feminism used to be all about the rights. Now it’s all about the left.

In fact, these days, when feminist groups speak out, it is often about matters relating to something other than women. Most times they seem to be more interested in suff like: bigger government, state-funded multiculturalism, affirmative action, limitless immigration, higher welfare rates, the environment, differentsexuality, the evils of America or some other so-called progressive initiative that has nothing to do with the advancement of women's rights. (Kinda like how socialist union leaders are always supporting hard-core, left-wing causes that have little to do with their union mandate.) Many feminist groups, it would seem, are now focused on much loftier social engineering goals. It is almost as if they subconsciously know that, in order to get the attention of the public, they have to broaden their focus because most women just aren't buying into the nonsensical "females are victims" BS they are selling.

I mentioned Condi Rice earlier. Now, you would think that feminists would be thrilled to have a women as Secretary of State and in line for the Presidency. But they're not. Feminist groups despise her. Know why? Because she's a conservative. A few years ago, a newly crowned Miss America - Erika Harold - gave a few speeches to students in which she promoted sexual abstinence. Feminist and homosexual groups went through the roof. Know why? Of course you do. These days, if you want the support of the feminist movement, it's not enough be a woman, you also have to be a left-winger just like them.

Now, you may be wondering why feminism shifted its focus from promoting women’s rights to promoting socialist doctrine. Allow me to speculate. Ask yourself this: what do virtually all socialists, communists and people on the political left have in common? Right. A shared belief that equality of outcome must be assured for all and government must support us all from cradle to grave.

It was a no brainer, really. Today's feminist movement had to embrace left wing ideology because today's feminism depends on having a big, strong, generous government to punish anyone who doesn’t toe the equality line and to hand out oodles of dough to fund programs that benefit women and punish men. The road to their prejudiced version of equality is not free. It’s a toll road. And we all pay the toll so that they can promote their radical, socialist, feminist ideology.

And the cost is in the $billions. The number of Canadian women’s groups who get tax dollars are legion. Expensive media campaigns casting men as abusers and villains are quite common. Unabused women take the children and leave their spouses simply because they are "unfulfilled" and are given a subsidized apartment and government cheque. Costly Commissions, Tribunals and various bureaucracies respond to all complaints regarding equity, regardless of how frivolous. High priced, state funded daycare encourages women to let the government care for their children while they pursue more ‘fulfilling’ work. And for every subsidized day care space they use, we all pay through the nose. And then there’s the multi-billion dollar gun registry boondoggle, which was spawned because feminist groups pressured Canada’s Liberal government after Muslim lunatic Marc Lepine massacred 14 female engineering students in Montreal. Lepine was a monster. He does not represent all men. No more than Karla Homolka represents all women.

Feminism used to be a proud movement of visionaries with a noble cause. These days, feminism is, for the most part, nothing more than a movement of radical, left-wing splinter groups sowing the seeds of anarchy and unrest while slurping down copious amount of tax dollars from the public trough. Feminism was once something worthy of our respect. Now it’s something worthy of our suspicion.

That’s what I’ll be teaching my daughter. Any good parent would.


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