Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Whacky Conspiracy Theory

Lets play a game. Lets pretend that you are a socially aware person. You vote NDP or Liberal. You would never vote Conservative. You find Conservatives scary. You despise the Republicans in the USA. You believe that social programs are what defines us as a caring and compassionate society. Large corporations frighten you. You are environmentally aware. You have never seen a logging company that you could support or an environmental group that you would condemn. You revere David Suzuki and stand behind the Kyoto accord 110%. You are pro choice and support same sex marriage. You are anti capital punishment and any privatization of universal healthcare. You have never thought to blame any poor person for being poor or criminals for being criminal. Rather, you believe the cause of their plight is social inequity and can be cured with more government housing and a well placed government program or two. In fact, you have never encountered a government program that you would scrap. You adore state funded multicultural programs and mass immigration. You are suspicious of traditional Anglo Saxon Christian values. You believe that state funded daycare is a human right. In short, you are like virtually every teacher, school board bureaucrat and university professor I have ever met.

And suppose that, as an enlightened, socially conscious Canadian, your concern for our future has lead you to seek a position in the education field. It’s a natural choice. After all, you want to make a difference. You want to participate in the shaping of young minds so that our children grow up embracing the correct values. Your values.

So you run for a school board position and win. Many like-minded people do the same thing. You sit at the board table surrounded by your peers and you get to work. Other like-minded people run for political office and are also elected. They also get to work at running our educational Ministries and writing our schools' curriculum.

Other sensitive, caring people become teachers. They too are drawn by the opportunity of shaping young minds and building our future society into a utopia where no child is left behind and no one is ever affected detrimentally when they act irresponsibly or foolishly.

And they never speak of it, maybe they don’t even acknowledge it to themselves, but they are all really after the same thing: to make our children think like them and be like them - to require our children to embrace their values. And so, the emphasis in our education system swings from celebrating knowledge and academic achievement to celebrating tolerance, open mindedness and wanton charity. The smartest children are forced to slow down so that the slower children don’t miss anything. They cease teaching Canadian history. After all, history is the realm of white Christian folk and newcomers to Canada might feel somehow lessened by having to learn about the exceptional achievements of such people. They cease to award prizes for high marks in math or grammar and start to celebrate the students who are helpful and sensitive to the needs of others. No child is ever failed and held back a grade regardless of how little effort they put in. Scores are no longer kept in school sports. Preserving a students self esteem becomes more important than ensuring that they can read and write. Protecting the mediocre students becomes more important than celebrating the exceptional ones. Winning is seen as a slap in the face for the losers.

And our children grow up. The lazy and unmotivated are lead to believe that they deserve the same rewards in life as those who are dedicated, hard working and ambitious. In fact, they enter adulthood demanding it.

But, of course, they are unable, on their own, to achieve what their more principled, disciplined peers achieve. And they get mad. They can't understand it. Haven't they been taught that everyone is equal? What is this injustice? Maybe somewhere deep in their subconscious they realize that they have been duped. But it is too late for them to change. Far too late. They have been conditioned for life.

So, some join unions and revel in the fact that they will never be expected to perform at a higher level than their co workers. Some girls, having never learned that irresponsible decisions have negative consequences, get pregnant and go on welfare. The boys who get them pregnant, having gone to the same schools, take no responsibility either. Others get menial jobs or go on welfare. They grow bitter and envious of those who have more than them. And having no recourse, they crawl to government for assistance. Of course they don’t see it as crawling. They don’t see it as lowering themselves. They don’t see it as a loss of personal autonomy and self respect. After all they have been taught that everyone deserves to be treated equally and that government should always be there to take money from those who produce and give it to them, regardless of the effort, or lack thereof, that they put in to help themselves. In their eyes they are simply demanding their rightful entitlement. In reality though, the poor wretches are crawling. They are just too blind to see it.

And tell me, who do you think these people vote for? What political and social initiatives do they support? Do you think that they would vote for a political party or support anyone who speaks out in favor of self sufficiency and independence from government interference in society? Do you think they would ever consider supporting smaller government or fewer social programs given that they themselves have a god given right to such programs? Of course not. They support those who promise to take more from the people they envy and give more to them.

And so the circle is complete and perhaps unbreakable. Socialist minded people have fashioned an educational system that ensures that Canada has a ready and continuing supply of semiliterate, demanding, insatiable government dependents who will feel compelled, by virtue of their dependence and social conditioning, to support the values of those who created them.

But it's not so bad. It's a good thing really. Surely you see? lt must be this way. Power must be kept in the right hands. The compassionate hands. The hands that are, after all, by virtue of their owner's high level of enlightenment, entitled to wield power’s reins.

After all, we have to keep those terrible, profiteering capitalists and evil conservatives in their place. Sure, maybe they create all the wealth and jobs. Maybe they have, through their principles and work ethic, created the very society the socialists are now plundering. But the poor have rights too, don’t they? From each according to his ability; to each according to his need. And there’s lots of need out there. Those in control wouldn’t have it any other way.


Blogger INP said...

Thanks to Rightgirl for inspiring this piece.

11:02 PM  
Blogger RightGirl said...

No thanks necessary. I had a very similar conversation with someone over lunch yesterday, and it makes sense. I know I was indoctrinated in school in the 80's, and it stayed with me through my early twenties. But I didn't go to university. I decided I would work instead. And so I was free of influences a few years earlier than my peers. My peers who now are less successful than I, and still clinging to the touchy-feely nonsense they learned through 18 years of schooling.


11:54 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

Some just move to Alberta!

1:17 AM  

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