Friday, August 18, 2006

AIDS - Abstinence Is Definitely Smart

For the past week Toronto has been hosting the 16th annual International AIDS conference. Thousands of delegates from all over the world have been sauntering around the city with their official AIDS conference tote bags hanging, and the weight of the world resting, on their shoulders. Mega-billionaire Bill Gates made an appearance, as did mega-letch Bill Clinton. Mega-leader PM Stephen Harper wisely stayed away. The mega-socialist Toronto Star gave the Conference mega-coverage every day.

The prostitutes were there too with their booths, signs and sex toys. They apparently refer to themselves as “sex-trade workers”. As if getting banged by a sweaty stranger for fifty bucks qualifies as a trade. I guess we better start calling crack dealers “drug trade workers”.

Yep. AIDS is a hot topic. It doesn’t really kill many average Canadians though. Not like cancer or heart disease. But it’s sexier. In fact, it’s mostly about sex. Maybe that’s why so many homosexual men and prostitutes are obsessed with it. After all, neither group is likely to consider going without sex. Prostitutes need to do it with a lot of strangers to make a living. Homosexual men need to do it with a lot of strangers because, well, because they can, that’s why.

So, is it any wonder that any fatal, incurable disease that attacks mostly sexually promiscuous people will be of the utmost interest to prostitutes and homosexual men? I can’t blame them for being interested, really. But, what about the rest of us? Why should we care about a bunch of sexually irresponsible people who are willfully engaging in activities that put their lives at risk?

They say that the trail to the top of Mount Everest is littered with the bodies of people who died while attempting the climb. I find it sad that they died. However, it doesn’t affect me too much. After all, these people died while engaging in an activity that they knew very well could kill them. In effect, they killed themselves. The mountain didn’t kill them. They killed themselves.

It’s the same with most AIDS victims here in Canada. Sex doesn’t kill them. The disease doesn’t kill them. They kill themselves.

I did a search on the AIDS Conference website for “abstinence”. Zero documents came up. Zero. Abstinence is, apparently, a word that must not be uttered at the Conference.

As we all know, AIDS is predominantly a sexually transmitted disease. The more people you have sex with, the greater the risk of contracting it. That’s why prostitutes and homosexual men suffer disproportionately from it. It’s also why AIDS is rampant in Africa, where marital fidelity is less culturally prevalent than in most other areas of the world. However, people who abstain from sex before marriage, remain monogamous after marriage and stay with the same partner for life are at no risk at all. Of course, don’t expect to hear this from any of the enlightened AIDSoldiers that attended the Conference. I hear that Bill Gates mentioned abstinence briefly in his speech and was loudly booed by everyone.

Apparently, these people will talk about the elimination of AIDS only if such talk doesn’t involve the elimination of their sexual fun. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They’ll talk condoms because condoms are used for sex. They’ll talk drugs and cures because drugs and cures will allow them to keep having their sexual fun. In fact, they’ll talk about anything as long as it doesn’t involve giving up the one thing that will give them the disease in the first place – recreational sex.

Fair enough. Let them keep their fun. It’s a choice they make of their own free will, knowing full well the consequences.

Throughout history, the Anglo Christian culture – Canada’s primary founding culture - lived in accordance with certain natural laws. A couple would get married, they would stay together for life and the woman would not allow the man to have sex with her until after they were married. It seems like a million years ago, doesn’t it? Truth is, it was only a few generations ago that most people here in Canada lived like that and were happy.

And yet today, we are told that no one should be expected to live such a sexually deprived life and that if it feels good, do it. We have created an entire generation of spoiled, self-centered, unprincipled sexual narcissists. In a mere two generations we have erased the sexual values and principles that have sustained our society for thousands of years.

Odd, isn’t it, that AIDS came on the scene here in North America just as traditional values and sexual limitations were being abandoned. Or maybe it’s not odd at all. Maybe it’s just all part of the ‘cause and effect’ nature of the universe. Bye-bye sexual restraint - Hello AIDS. Or maybe it’s just the earth shrugging off ignorant sexcentric creatures that refuse to recognize the natural rules that govern our continued existence. Natural selection.

We are told that we are all at risk of contracting AIDS here in Canada. We are not. We are told to be very afraid. We need not be. Only people with certain sexually unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles are at risk and should be scared.

Canadians who subscribe to the traditional values our grandparents subscribed to, will live. Canadians who subscribe to today’s valueless culture of sexual promiscuity will continue to suffer and die. And they will have no one but themselves to blame.

Darwin would understand perfectly.


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