Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Terrible Thoughts and Puerile Predictions

Maybe you think it, but you dare not say it:

1. The white gene pool is suffering because many of the smartest white women in Canada are not having any children.

2. All young men should get a vasectomy at age 20. Being a father these days means being 50% mommy, so mommy can be 50% daddy. And if things go bad, men don’t have a chance in Canada’s women-friendly, man-hating family court system. Best to just snip, snip. The risks outweigh the reasons not to.

3. Kids who don’t have two loving parents of the opposite sex, start life at a disadvantage.

4. State funded daycare is a communist travesty geared to transfer parental responsibility to the state so the state can raise our kids for us in the manner it deems appropriate.

5. No one locks his door more tightly than a thief. That’s why the state trusts us less than we trust it.

6. Immigrants have a lot more kids than people born here. Eventually they will dominate and replace the founding culture with some other culture. And it might not be a better culture. Then again, it might. After all, what’s here at the moment could stand some improvement.

7. Strong, independent, conservative minded Christians created the best nations in the history of the world. Then they let soft, valueless, left-wing secular humanists destroy them.

8. One reason Canadians can’t get good health care is because they have to wait in line behind the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees who enter Canada every year.

9. No one over age 50 should be allowed to permanently immigrate to Canada unless they are rich. We can’t even take care of our own old people properly. We don’t need any more.

10. Bob Geldof and Bono are pompous, misguided communistic jerks who have made themselves the laughing stock of every despot and dictator in the world.

11. In general terms, non white people are more racist than white people.

12. 100 years from now, every European nation except for Britain will be run by Islamic governments. Soft, purposeless, secular Europeans will be no match for their aggressors’ strong resolve and fanatical loyalty to their religious ideology.

13. 100 years from now, Canada will have the highest standard of living in the world, next to Australia. We will be self sufficient in water, oil, natural gas, electricity, wheat, livestock and most vegetables. We will be famous for pioneering cures for cancer, AIDs, Arthritis and other maladies. Citizens will live to be 150 and remain healthy all their lives. We will also have a mighty army. Patriotic young Canadians will line up to serve their beloved nation and revel in spreading peace and freedom through out the world. We will fight tyranny and oppression on many fronts around the globe and be a beacon of strength, steadfastness and uncompromising principle. We will also be known for having the most open, transparent and incorruptible government and political structure in the world. The future will be ours.

14. 100 minutes from now, I will be waking up from this dream. It was pretty accurate up to number 13 though, wasn’t it?


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Blogger Canadi-anna said...

I did my bit -- I've got four kids. They're all too young to see if they'll follow suit, but in today's world, if they don't, I can't say that I'd blame them.

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