Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You can tell my age with carbon dating

I am a hypocrite. A seething mass of contradiction. I say one thing and do another. I do not walk the walk or talk the talk. I am unable to reconcile my beliefs with my actions. I live one way and expect my children to live another.

I am a man and the father of girls.

On one hand, I look at the world through the eyes of a man. And I despair. I see how feminism and women's abandonment of the home has pretty well destroyed white western societies. Birth rates are so low that white people will be reduced to small powerless minorities in their own nations within this century. Real estate is more or less unaffordable for most single parent families, and other one income families, thanks to the proliferation of dual income households. Our sons are drugged into docility by prescription happy doctors and career focused mothers. Kids are committing suicide in increasing numbers. Many kids are uncivil and fat, having no mother at home to keep them in line and feed them properly. They are also terribly spoiled and self centered, thanks to guilty career obsessed parents who make up for their lack of time with an excess of tolerance and material gifts. And men have fared no better than the kids under the thumb of feminism. Many are punitively garnished for support and routinely denied joint custody of their children by our man-hating women-friendly family court system.

On the other hand, I look at the world through the eyes of a father who has daughters and no sons. It makes me feel a bit better. Certainly my girls will benefit greatly from our feminist-centric society. Once they clue into what’s going on, they’ll probably get off on holding all the cards. They’ll be able to have good careers. They’ll be able to leave their husband for no good reason whatsoever and still get the house, kids and fat support payments. And they’ll probably love being able to choose from the vast array of men out there who would be willing to be mommy half the time so they can do more important things.

Or maybe they’ll suffer a blow to the head, go insane, and decide that being a mother is the most important thing they could do. And maybe they’ll seek out a man to marry who will be willing to support his family throughout their children’s formative years so they have Mom there when they need her. Naw, that’s just plain crazy. What woman in her right mind would do such a batty thing?

In any event, I can tell you this - whatever path my daughters chose in life, I have no doubt that they will grow up to be strong, independent-minded and successful. They could be no less with me as a father. I would raise them no other way.

As for me, I’ll just sit here and watch fascinated as my body slowly fossilizes. Soon, they’ll haul my antiquated ass off to the museum where children will gawk at the sight of me while a tour guide describes in an icily snide tone how men like me became extinct.

Then all the kids will go home, turn on Jerry Springer, nuke a pizza pocket and wonder what’s keeping mommy so long at the office.


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