Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pimps, Whores and Multiculturalism

You hear it all the time here in igno(tole)rant Canada: “Our strength is diversity”; or: “Our nation was built on immigration”; or, my personal favourite: “We are all immigrants”.

Not a day goes by without our senses (not to mention our intelligence) being assaulted by these fraudulent declarations. We are constantly told how wonderful mass immigration and rampant multiculturalism is. There is no proof of this, mind you - no quantifiable comparative evidence. And yet we are required to believe it.

There is, in fact, no way to compare the Canada that is, which has been built around massive immigration of different types of people with radically different beliefs and cultures; and the Canada that could have been, had we exercised greater restraint and built our nation more slowly and carefully.

Maybe if we had been more particular with who we let in, we could have avoided some of the more unpleasant developments that are now plaguing our society. Maybe the Air India bombings would not have happened; maybe our welfare housing and jails would not be crammed with fatherless West Indian youths; maybe there would be no Canadian-Islamists plotting to destroy our society from within; maybe Canadian-Tamil gangs wouldn’t be terrorizing schools in Toronto, maybe there’d be none of the dozens of other ethnic gangs operating in our cities; maybe our city schools wouldn’t be jammed with massive numbers of non-English speaking kids whose presence slows down the entire educational process; and maybe Canadians who were born here and paid taxes all their lives wouldn’t be waiting in line for health care behind some recent immigrant’s frail elderly mother who we let come here two weeks ago at age 69.

And yet, despite all the questions that mass multicultural immigration poses for Canada and every nation that embraces it, all we ever hear is the good stuff. Never will you hear anyone in Canada’s dreadfully unbalanced main stream media (MSM) mention anything about the financial, social and cultural costs of mass multicultural immigration (A uniquely Western phenomenon, by the way. Only North America and Europe are accepting immigrants in such numbers so as to eventually, and on purpose, shift the balance of power away from the founding culture.)

The truth is, that many immigrants are a net liability to Canada. A liability that the rest of us have to bear with higher taxes and declining services. They get access almost immediately to a multitude of expensive services and benefits thanks to our tax funded cradle to grave cafeteria of foreignerfreebies, and we pay for it.

They get free healthcare, education for their many kids (and immigrants have way more kids than people who were born here), social services, legal assistance, child tax credit, subsidized housing, government grants, and so much more. They also get immediate use of our vast and expensive infrastructure – cops, firemen, roads, recreation facilities, parks, transit, water, sewage etc. And there are almost 300,000 new immigrants coming to Canada every year. Even if many become net contributors and integrate into the cultural and social fabric of Canada, there's still an awful lot who do not. We who live in the cities, where most immigrants end up, see it every day.

Sure, "Canada was built on immigration" and "We are all immigrants", as our political pimps and their immigrant community whores keep telling us. (Or is it the other way around? Do the politicians whore out grants for their immigrant community pimps in return for votes; or do the immigrant communities whore out votes for their politician pimps in return for grants? Whichever it is, it's a great deal for them both. Not such a great deal, however, for the rest of us.)

Anyway, the thing that is never mentioned is that the ethnic immigrants of yesterday are in no way comparable to the ones who come here today. Unlike today’s immigrants, yesterday’s immigrants were handed nothing for free and they made no demands. They didn’t walk off the plane into a comfy, warm, tax funded city apartment or motel room, meet with their tax funded immigration lawyer and start whining about their religious or cultural rights. They marched off the boat into a raw and inhospitable landscape, were shipped to all corners of this nation and worked in mines, factories, forests and fields. They became merchants, tradesmen, soldiers and businessmen in small communities all across Canada. They did it so their children could have a better life. They adapted to the culture that welcomed them. They didn't expect the culture to adapt to them. And they neither expected nor asked for anything to be given to them. Sadly, that's not the case with some of today’s immigrants. Encouraged by their tax funded community representatives and shameless MSM apologists, they want it all and they want it now. And all their expectations and demands come with a price that the rest of us must pay.

We never stop hearing stories in the MSM about poor disadvantaged immigrants working for minimum wage or on social assistance, living in welfare housing and feeling bad about themselves. Not bad enough, however, to go back where they came from.

Personally, I’d like to find out how many of our city welfare housing units are occupied by immigrants rather than people who were born here. I bet the results would astound you. And yet the left wing MSM and their multi-culti hangers-on continually cry for more tax funded housing while complaining about the environmantal damage caused by urban sprawl and simultaneously demanding that we allow more immigrants into Canada. Hey, if the immigrants are using up all the available housing and pushing people into the suburbs, maybe it would benefit Canada’s poor and the environment to not keep letting so many of them in. Duh.

And don’t get me started on the environment. The ludicrous left keep crying about an environmental holocaust, demanding that we shrink our environmental footprint while cutting back on greenhouse gasses. Then, they turn around and demand that we increase immigration. Don’t these people realize that immigrants use up much more energy and generate far more pollutants here in welfare rich, consumerist Canada than they ever would back in Africa or Pakistan. Here, they drive cars, ride gas guzzling busses, shop at Walmart, and use copious amounts of water and electricity in their multi bedroom apartments. Back there, many do not drive. They shop at the local market and live in much smaller dwellings, often with no running water or electricity. If we really want to save the environment, perhaps it would be better if these people remain in their homelands, where they will use the least resources and do the least environmental harm. Anyone who puts the environment first should surely see that mass immigration to the west and environmental protection are conflicting priorities.

And, there’s not just the financial and environmental costs of immigration to worry about - there’s also the cultural harm caused by Canada’s divisive multicultural policies. Here in Canada, every immigrant has been told that they have an entitlement to government grants and handouts to promote and sustain their foreign cultures within our borders. And they go for it. Who wouldn’t. It’s our fault for offering such a retarded gift in the first place. Think about it – these people leave nations that their cultures turned into filthy, disease-ridden, wartorn, cesspools of oppression, suffering and death, arrive here, and promptly resume the same cultural behaviors that got them in trouble in the first place. And we pay them to do it. All too often we see entire neighborhoods completely overrun by foreigners, essentially ostracizing and isolating other Canadians who may have been there first. Picture this on a national scale and you will see the inevitable result of state funded multiculturalism.

Clearly, it’s time to cut through the rhetoric and look honestly at the pros and cons of mass multicultural immigration. Let’s have some honest and balanced studies showing the financial impact of today's immigration policies on our society and the societal and political effects on Canada's founding culture. So far, honesty and balance are two things the debate has been lacking. And this, we need to change.


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