Friday, March 21, 2008

Old People Make Me Sick

Old people make me sick. Not all old people. Not Canadian old people. It’s those foreign old people who fill my Canadian city. They’re the ones who make me sick.

OK, maybe they don’t actually MAKE me sick, but they certainly make it harder to get better.

Yep, getting better is a lot harder when you have to wait in a hospital emergency room in line behind seventeen 70 year olds who arrived in Canada yesterday under our ludicrous ‘family reunification’ program. (And believe me, not many old people arrive here from Scotland, France or Ireland to clog up our already over taxed health care system. At least I don’t see too many of them around.)

Yep, old foreigners make me sick because they make me and my elderly Canadian relatives wait. We wait for doctor’s appointments, we wait for nursing home beds, we wait for chronic care, we wait for long term care, we wait for medical testing, we wait for essential surgery, we wait in emergency rooms, we wait and wait and wait behind these queue jumping old foreigners.

Sometimes we wait so long that we die. And then we go to heaven. Where else would such generous, selfless compassionate people go? I hear that God has a special surprise for old Canadians who die waiting for medical treatment. They are reincarnated as the old parents of Federal Cabinet Ministers and they never have to wait for medical treatment again.

God also has a surprise in store for the people who immigrate to Canada and then bring their old parents over to suck the life out of our health care system. I hear that God brings them back after death reincarnated as obese, blind, crippled old Liberals with renal failure and chronic pain who can’t find a family physician or a specialist.

Now that’s poetic justice. Gods humble way of giving the real, unhyphenated Canadians, who lived here all their lives, and who die waiting in line behind old foreigners, a bit of restitution and justice.

Every day, millions of Canadians, especially old Canadians – the ones who lived and paid taxes in Canada all their lives - are faced with long waiting lists for vital, essential medical services. And everyday, dozens, if not hundreds of old foreigners shuffle out of planes and ships onto Canadian soil and take a taxi to their children’s homes or apartments where they don't work or pay taxes or contribute to Canada. They just wait patiently until that inevitable day when something goes wrong with their health. Then they simply call 911 and take that free ride in that free ambulance to the big shiny free hospital full of all the free equipment that will extend their lives so they can use all the marvelous free stuff again and again.

Except its not free. It was bought with money and it was bought with flesh and blood. Money from taxes paid over a lifetime by that sick old Canadian standing over there waiting patiently (like all good Canadians do) while the old foreigner receives treatment first. And flesh & blood from people who came here years ago, before everything was free, and sacrificed to build a nation for their children. And now their children suffer and die while waiting in line behind old foreigners who have sacrificed nothing and to whom we owe nothing.

Maybe the government hasn’t heard, but there is a demographic crises happening in all Western civilized nations. And Canada is no exception. The population is aging. The ratio of young people to old - workers to retirees has never been larger in the history of our nation. It is thought that in 20 – 30 years there won’t be enough young people in Canada to support the huge number of old people.

But, of course, politicians know all about it. They know exactly what’s going on. Sadly, their need to curry votes in Canada’s ethnic communities is more important to them than the health and welfare of citizens. They allow old foreigners to flood into Canada, to the tune of 40,000 a year, because it is in their political interest. Ethnic communities will vote for the politician that acts in their best interest. And they want mommy and daddy here with them, damn the cost to the rest of us. They might sympathise with sick Canadians, but they won't pull mommy out of line so a Canadian can see the doctor first. They take care of their own first. Is it wrong, then, for the rest of us to do the same?

The truth is that we don’t need any more old people. We are growing more than enough of our own. And yet the parasitical travesty that is our “family reunification program” continues unabated. In my view, no one over the age of 40 should be allowed to immigrate to Canada. We have too many old people to support already.

And yes, I have heard the plaintive arguments in favor of allowing immigrants to bring their old parents here to Canada as permanent residents. One argument is that many immigrants would simply go to some other country that allows family reunification. So freaking’ what, I say. If they want to put their own interests above those of their Canadian benefactors, to hell with them. And those who come can visit their parents in their homeland or bring them over for a visit. Our health care system will be less labored because of it.

And then there’s the immigrant or two who is trotted out on TV moaning piteously that they need their old mother and father to mind their six kids because they can’t afford child care. Oh, cry me a river. Hey Akmed, try having one or two children like us normal Canadians and you wouldn’t need to foist your sick old parents on our health care system just to save yourself a few bucks in baby sitting fees.

Old foreigners make me sick. Most of them have contributed nothing to this nation and have never worked a day in Canada in their lives. And now, after they have spent all their lives contributing to their precious foreign homelands, they drag themselves over here to the land of free healthcare and expect elderly Canadians to smile as they are pushed aside so they can line up in front of them for home care, doctors appointments, nursing home beds, surgeries and other vital social services.

As I grow older I become more angry about this abuse of Canadian goodwill. Someday, I’ll be an old Canadian sitting in the ER surrounded by sick old foreigners muttering quietly in their foreign language while they wait in line ahead of me for treatment. Well, they just better hope that I don't have a terminal disease. Because, with nothing to lose, I might decide to take a few of them with me.

Kind reader, it’s time to start giving our own old people priority over foreigners. No one should work and pay taxes their whole lives in a country only to find themselves waiting behind a bunch of old foreigners when they need vital medical treatment. It's just not right.